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Woven launched publicly on Friday, Oct. 11, 2013. They chose that day because it was National Coming-Out Day and they wanted to highlight the importance of being a resource for the LGBT community as well as a symbol of unity and support from allies. Their website, livewoven.com, features educational content. Visitors can watch a video

News flash

But he’s not some lazybones or wily cubicle drone wasting the company’s dime viewing videos of cats falling off couches as a way to pass the time. Far from a slacker, he’s the moving image archivist for the Oklahoma History Center and, along with his team, is currently sifting through more than 8,000 hours of

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Sure, many companies offer wireless broadband Internet in Oklahoma City, Edmond or Norman, but Curtis has found his niche in places you only hear about on local TV during storm season. The federal government seems to approve, granting the company $8.5 million through the U.S. Department of Agriculture to help bring wireless Internet service and

Unplugged in

  From its popular food trucks to its brick-and-mortar restaurants, OKC eateries Big Truck Tacos and Mutt’s Amazing Hot Dogs are plugged in 24/7. Co-owner and restaurateur Chris Lower has implemented a program in which managers can see who has clocked in; check on sales item by item, in the trucks and the restaurants; and

AT&T plans OKC job growth

 The new project managers will work in the company’s northwest Oklahoma City offices and support AT&T’s small and medium business customers. “AT&T could have chosen to place these jobs anywhere in the country because these jobs will be not only providing support and services to the businesses here in Oklahoma, but will also be supporting

AT&T plans OKC job growth

AT&T will add 100 management positions in Oklahoma City over the next year. Bryan Gonterman, president of AT&T Oklahoma, said 25 positions have already been filled, and about 76 of the new employees will be in place by the end of the year. The new project managers will work in the company’s northwest Oklahoma City

Insurance ID

He is back in Moore after May 20’s devastating tornado, but this time, technology has made it easier for insurance representatives to enter a devastated area, locate their clients and expedite the claims process, even with cellphone towers down and spotty Internet service. Technology also aided the Oklahoma Insurance Department to curb fraud in the

Laugh radio

  “It’s great to be associated with some fun,” says Ty Tyler, president of Tyler Media, which launched the format change from Radio Disney to 24/7 Comedy. “It helps put people in a good mood, and there’s certainly nothing like it in Oklahoma City.” The brainchild of 24/7 Comedy is George Gimarc, a Dallas disc

Expert Q&A: Technology

What is OCAST’s role in the state? CMC: OCAST was created in 1987 by the Legislature to diversify and grow Oklahoma’s economy through strategic investment in science and technology. Benefits of research are cascading. When researchers make discoveries and move their ideas to commercialization, they create new businesses, jobs and economic impact by competing successfully