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Greater OKC: Cost of Doing Business 2012

When factoring the best states for the cost of doing business, CNBC looked at a series of factors – from quality of life to access to capital. In the end, Oklahoma ranked fourth. Overall, the state ranked 23rd nationwide in a study of 10 areas like workforce and quality of life. For cost of living,

Unnecessary and unaffordable

David Blatt Director Oklahoma Policy Institute Looking ahead, the state faces a large and growing gap between anticipated tax collections and the cost of providing public services. In order to navigate these difficult fiscal straits, we need to provide much greater scrutiny both to direct government spending programs and to tax preferences that benefit particular

Expert Q&A: Taxes

In the state of Oklahoma, who is responsible for withholding the employees’ portion of FICA/FUTA and federal income taxes? DC: In Oklahoma, not only does the employer have a duty to withhold, but it also has an equal responsibility to remit to the IRS an employee’s portion of FICA/FUTA that was withheld for the employee

No income tax cut, please

A year ago, I had the pleasure of visiting the country of Montenegro, a beautiful Balkan nation recovering from years of regional conflict. As I showed my passport to the officer at the Podgorica airport’s passport control office, he asked me a question that highlighted just how much the world’s perception of my hometown has

Best CPA and Accounting Firm

If you haven’t done your taxes yet, getting an appointment with the folks at Cole & Reed might prove difficult, if not downright impossible. This is their time of year for a wide range of industries: construction, financial institutions, government, higher education, insurance, manufacturing, nonprofit, oil and gas, and medical. Although the company officially was