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COTPA enters into agreement for $20 million garage

“The parking is already in demand and we have been charged to prosecute an aggressive schedule, but it is also worth noting that COTPA recognizes the potential of contributing much more to our community by including the mixed uses of commercial, retail and residential,” said TAParchitecture’s Principal Anthony McDermid.   Situated between Main Street and

Oh, Man!

“This year, we had 109 entries, which nearly doubles past entry totals,” says Melissa Hunt, executive director of the American Institute of Architects Central Oklahoma Chapter, a nonprofit partner of the Oklahoma City Foundation for Architecture, which sponsors the OklahoManMade competition each spring. “The competition is growing, and it’s exciting because it really does showcase

Arch tone

One would be wrong. “There is no theme, per se,” says Melissa Hunt, executive director of AIACOC. “We decided that Architecture Week itself is the theme, because the week is all about celebrating architecture and promoting the importance of good design.” Fair enough, especially since the nine select spots comprising April 14’s self-guided tour harbor

Home to stay

He now calls WestTown Resource Center “home.” The center and day shelter is designed as a one-stop shop for transients and the homeless. It pools several aid agencies under one roof for families, while providing the homeless a place to stay and something to eat during the day.  The Homeless Alliance was founded in 2004.