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Oklahoma vs. United States

STEVEN C. AGEE Dean and Professor of Economics Meinders School of Business Oklahoma City University With the United States continuing its struggle to recover economically from the Great Contraction, Oklahoma sits apart as an unusual success story. Steadily increasing labor force growth and decreasing unemployment rates in Central Oklahoma indicate a very robust economic climate.

The new paradigm

In spite of anecdotal evidence and popular refrains that the world is flat, the economic reality is one of accumulating wealth, income and employment in urban centers. The Interstate 35 corridor from southern Texas through Oklahoma is among the fastest-growing population and employment centers in the nation. From San Antonio to Oklahoma City, employment and

Energy ed

Steven C. Agee, dean of OCU’s Meinders School of Business “I looked around at what kind of future career opportunities there were in the metropolitan area, and realized that a major sector has to do with energy,” Creach says, who previously considered a career in international relations and had been working on a master’s degree

Economic Update

THE GOODThe domestic economy appears to be gaining momentum in the first quarter of 2012. This is a continuation of progress that was made in what appeared to be a rather lackluster 2011, until you break it down quarter by quarter. In retrospect, real GDP grew in the first half of 2011 by about 1%.

Love’s Entrepreneurship Center to Leap Into 2012 Entrepreneurship Day

“We are absolutely delighted to have such a wonderful group of entrepreneurs and successful business leaders tell their stories at this year’s Entrepreneurship Day”, said Steven C. Agee, PhD, dean of the Meinders School of Business. The four featured speakers are Stan Clark, president of Stan Clark Companies and founder of Eskimo Joe’s;  Bart Conner,

OCU introduces graduate energy programs

Enrollment is now open for the Master of Science degree in energy management and the Master of Science in energy legal studies for classes beginning in January. The energy management program will focus on the business side of energy management, providing advanced education across topics integral to the field of energy management. The energy legal