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Magnificent trio

From May 4 to May 19, the Oklahoma City Orchestra League celebrates the 40th year of its annual fundraiser with a look inside three newly constructed homes — one traditional, one contemporary and one Italianate — in The Abbey, a subdivision of Edmond’s Fairview Farm addition north of N.W. 150th Street and Western Avenue. Tickets

Safe house

Jazz Kennerson’s residence in northwest OKC uses home automation. From his smartphone, he can operate and regulate its lighting, temperature, security and appliances. In doing so, he has noticed a significant decrease on his utility-bill totals. More importantly, he has a sense of relief. When he moved into his newly constructed home, he didn’t think

View master

Two dedicated elevators in the lobby whisk diners up to Vast. On the 49th floor, 726.2 feet above street level, visitors enter a lobby, then take a right into the bar. Dining areas open on both sides of the bar, with views to the south, southeast and southwest. No matter where you sit, you have