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Scan man

But as Rotelli readily will tell you, through chaos comes order. And his Business Imaging Systems company has been specializing in that for more than 25 years. Quite simply, BIS takes a company’s information and makes it more accessible. Much of that is accomplished by helping companies transition from paper to electronic records. Another part

Better delivery by design

Dr. Keley John Booth says he has the ability to help local medical providers take a quantum leap when it comes to delivering surgical care more efficiently. Booth is the founder of Surgery Logistics and chair of the Integris Health Southwest Medical Center anesthesia department. For the past 15 years, when he’s not working with

Expert Q&A: Technology

What is cloud computing? BP: It sounds like a dreamed up marketing gimmick, but it is real and being used by millions of people every day. The easiest way to think about cloud computing is to consider it as an application that doesn’t sit on your computer, but resides on the Internet instead. You don’t