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Burn ban

State Sen. David Holt (R-30) opened the legislative session by introducing Senate Bill 327, which looks to give business owners a break when it comes to a segment of their workforce that may be dragging down the bottom line with regard to health care costs. He was surprised that smokers in Oklahoma enjoy a special

Fight for Air luncheon scheduled for Aug. 30

The event raises money for the ALA’s efforts in the Oklahoma City area, and strives to raise awareness for lung diseases such as lung cancer, asthma and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. Daniel Nader, a pulmonologist, will return as the presenter and speak about research efforts and new treatments for lung cancer. Past speakers have included

Up in smoke

Cherokee registered nurse Robyn Sunday-Allen was the director of nursing at the Oklahoma City Indian Clinic at the time the changes came around. “We knew it would eventually come down the pike, and we would have to do it,” says Sunday-Allen, now the clinic’s CEO. “We’ve always tried to be cutting-edge, particularly in Indian Country,