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Expert Q&A: Marketing

Define mobile marketing. EH: Mobile marketing, in simplest terms, refers to advertising or marketing through a mobile communication device, such as a smartphone, tablet or digital outdoor. What’s unique about it is that it allows a marketer to engage with a prospect in a very intimate way and when the audience is almost completely captive.

All systems secure

While bringing your smartphone, laptop or tablet to work may be a growing trend, so is the practice of companies limiting employee access to data. Robert Half International recently surveyed tech execs and found that only 33% of them are allowing employees to access their company’s corporate network using a personal smartphone, tablet, computer or

Expert Q&A: Technology

What is cloud computing? BP: It sounds like a dreamed up marketing gimmick, but it is real and being used by millions of people every day. The easiest way to think about cloud computing is to consider it as an application that doesn’t sit on your computer, but resides on the Internet instead. You don’t

So app-licable

Mobile applications for smartphones are popping up all over town, and according to business experts, these mobile web tools will be as common and as necessary as websites were for the past decade. TAKING OFFFunnel Design Group unveiled Will Rogers World Airport’s first app, FlyOKC, in September. It provides not only basic travel information, but