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City services

Mayor Mick Cornett says there is value in physical health, as well as fiscal health, and was pleasantly surprised to pick up Men’s Fitness to find for the first time, the city made its fittest – rather than fattest – list; OKC came in at No. 23. “We should feel great about this new ranking,”

MAPping expectations

The park seems to be on track, but other MAPS projects have faced cutbacks even before they began. Despite voters approving a $280 million convention center when MAPS 3 passed in 2009, the project received a haircut last year when the City Council members voted to put $30 million of those funds into a contingency

MAPS sidewalk proposal may side step expectations

In August, the MAPS 3 Trails and Sidewalks Subcommittee sent a MAPS 3 sidewalks master plan to the MAPS 3 Citizens Advisory Board that prioritized around 31 new sidewalk alignments in the city out of 131 total alignments identified as in need of sidewalks. In the master plan, of the $9.1 million set aside in