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Universal focus

He’s right, and Astronomics, 110 E. Main in Norman, will be more than your average telescope shop. In 1979, the company began a mail-order optics shop that eventually went online in 1996. The need for physicality grew, and after a $500,000 building purchase that then underwent an extensive 18-month renovation, the result is a showroom

I2E invests in glioblastomas project

More than 176,000 people a year develop brain tumors known as glioblastomas, for which the project to explore a new therapeutic approach was developed. A compound derived from work in OMRF laboratories shows some effect in preventing the growth of certain brain tumors in rodents. With the support of i2E, a nonprofit corporation providing venture

Flu fighters

The payoff, in terms of employee and customer health, is worth the cost, says Priscilla Cude, executive vice president. “We pay for the shots, and we have people who come out to the bank to administer those shots,” she says. “We started doing that every year since 2001, around the time of the anthrax scare.