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Expert Q&A: Marketing

Define mobile marketing. EH: Mobile marketing, in simplest terms, refers to advertising or marketing through a mobile communication device, such as a smartphone, tablet or digital outdoor. What’s unique about it is that it allows a marketer to engage with a prospect in a very intimate way and when the audience is almost completely captive.

Saxum awards YWCA $50,000 grant

“The $50,000 Step Up grant is in addition to other pro-bono services Saxum provides throughout the year,” said Saxum CEO Renzi Stone. “Last year, Saxum contributed $176,000 in pro-bono services, and we plan for Saxum to give a comparable amount in the upcoming year.” The YWCA operates a shelter for women and children in Oklahoma

Reaching out

Williamson’s role extends from fundraising through student recruiting to alumni relations. While active in print, TV, radio and other forms, social media has become the school’s main media marketing platform. “It’s been really good at connecting with alumni and former students, but it’s also been really good at contacting potential students, letting them know about

There they grow!

The $502,000 project embraced the firm’s identity while also maintaining the site’s legacy via images that pay homage to former owner John Kirkpatrick, including one in the lobby. Kirkpatrick’s wall-size world map was removed carefully from plaster and remains on display.     Ending an NBA lockout is even better when your team’s home looks

Saxum names new president

“Saxum has experienced significant year-over-year growth since its founding and has evolved into an integrated communications agency with a diverse set of employees and clients,” said Saxum Chairman and CEO Renzi Stone. “With her extensive background in our industry and strong management expertise, Debbie is perfect for this role, especially as we continue to expand