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The ins and outs of advertising

Cameron Dawson Partner Staplegun Watching TV not too long ago, I saw a commercial pitching a large office supply chain that referred to a small business owner as the salesman, the receptionist, the janitor, even the copier repairman. “Jack of all trades, master of none,” right? The spot struck a chord with me, because the

Stuck in the rough

Now a year into his new role as general manager of The Greens Country Club, Cowan has found that country club managers across the nation are busy just trying to make sure their membership still has a pulse. “Nationally, country clubs as a whole are tanking and have been for the past couple of years.

A social about social

Three wickedly smart people will walk attendees through the social media maze – from construction of the website, blog or other technological presence – to master blogging and networking; to big business overview strategy. So, if you are a beginning blogger or new to social, any-sized business or organization; or a seasoned social media veteran

Reaching out

Williamson’s role extends from fundraising through student recruiting to alumni relations. While active in print, TV, radio and other forms, social media has become the school’s main media marketing platform. “It’s been really good at connecting with alumni and former students, but it’s also been really good at contacting potential students, letting them know about

Expert Q&A: Advertising

In lean times, is it wise to cut advertising spending? RH: No. Times of economic downturn create opportunities to exceed customer expectations while maximizing your advertising dollars. Many companies will make the decision to cut advertising spending. Less advertising noise in the marketplace can mean greater visibility for companies. Costs for ad space are reliant

No tricks, just treats

The outlets usually are set up in vacant big-box stores or strip centers, and can prove profitable for store owners and landlords. Marty Dillon, owner of Party Galaxy, began opening seasonal Halloween stores five years ago. In addition to his eight in the Oklahoma City metro area and one in Stillwater, the venues are packed

Not his hobby

As the owner of Brookwood, a shopping center at S.W. 89th Street and S. Western Avenue, he lost his largest tenant at the end of 2010. Hobby Lobby had informed Preftakes it was opening nearby stores along Interstate 235 and in Moore, but closing the one at Brookwood. The move came as no surprise. Nevertheless,

Signs of the times

Now the sales manager at Superior Signs, and president of the Oklahoma Sign Association, one of Gleason’s missions is to preserve the kinds of signs his father used to turn out. “We’re going to help owners find funding to restore old historic landmark signs,” he says. “That way we can preserve them so they don’t