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OKC continues to receive top honors

More recently, CNNMoney named Oklahoma City “Most Business-Friendly City” in the United States, noting its low cost of living and booming oil and natural gas industries. According to the report, more than 6,000 small businesses participated in a survey of the nation’s 40 largest metro areas. While the methodologies of these “best” lists are not

Expert Q&A: Advertising

In lean times, is it wise to cut advertising spending? RH: No. Times of economic downturn create opportunities to exceed customer expectations while maximizing your advertising dollars. Many companies will make the decision to cut advertising spending. Less advertising noise in the marketplace can mean greater visibility for companies. Costs for ad space are reliant


Rather than constructing their bread-and-butter homes, they are building a group of them with less square footage, and pricing them more modestly. But, rest assured, these are no shacks, starters or cheap imitations of neighboring homes. Mark Dale, owner of Carriage Homes, and Mark Gautreaux, the developer of Fairview Farm at N.W. 150th Street and

A cautionary tale

Real GDP (a measure of overall economic activity in the U.S.) grew impressively, and modest improvements in the labor market signaled a stronger than expected recovery. Economists and pundits alike lauded the impressive economic gains, and began to adjust upwardly their forecasts for the remainder of 2010 and 2011. Many economists (this author included) cautioned