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ProFile: Joe Pierce, principal of John W. Rex Elementary School

But now, the first principal of Oklahoma City’s Downtown charter school hopes that he’s leading up to something truly amazing. John W. Rex Elementary School is under construction at 500 W. Sheridan Ave. and will eventually house as many as 500 students, though only prekindergarten, kindergarten and first and second grades will be offered when

ProFile: David LeNorman, Oklahoma Energy Resources Board

He has built and sold nearly a dozen companies and spends his days moving from meeting to meeting, working on his 12th company, Templar Energy. But there was always one group Le Norman said he would free up time in his calendar for, and it was the Oklahoma Energy Resources Board. The board recently took

ProFile: Sean Trauschke, OG&E Energy Corp.

Whether it be alternative energy forms, increased government regulation and scrutiny or record demand, one thing is clear: today’s energy companies are besieged by change. Throw in rising production costs and it’s enough to make an energy executive pull his hair out. And after being named OG&E Energy Corp’s newest president in July, Sean Trauschke

ProFile: E. Michael Whittington, Oklahoma City Museum of Art

That line of thinking may have worked in the past, but in today’s economy and in such a media-driven society, it’s the kiss of death for those once-hallowed halls. “Fifteen years ago, there was a shift in thinking,” says Whittington, the new president and CEO of the Oklahoma City Museum of Art. “Art museums were

College man

John Barthell has spent the last 18 years at UCO in a variety of roles. On July 1, he became provost — a position once held by Betz — and vice president for academic affairs. He oversees UCO’s more than 17,000 students and helps guide the direction of the university. “I want to thank President

Have you met Corey Ayers?

What is the most interesting piece of oklahoma film you have found? In the Colcord family films, we found some footage of Amelia Earhart at the fairgrounds that was pretty fascinating. There are so many things, it’s hard to pick just one. We have a truly amazing collection. When you watch the movie Oklahoma!, can

Family affair

The stories fascinated Symcox, now president and CEO of First Fidelity Bank, so much that he became a fourthgeneration banker and has spent the last 40 years making it his life’s work. “I tell people it’s literally in my blood,” he says with a smile. “I never had any desire to do anything else.” That

Bridge builder

  “The challenge is to maintain that momentum and deliver on what we told people we would get done,” he says. “Our challenge is to deliver.” ODOT has a budget of $1.6 billion for the current fiscal year. Patterson expects it to increase slightly to $1.7 billion next year. And it’s up to him to