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On the Scene

Rock for Oklahoma at Chesapeake Arena 1 Jackson Browne 2 Ben Kweller 3 Wayne Coyne UCO Letterpress & Prototyping Lab opening 4 Gerardo Acosta Jr., Gerardo Acosta Sr., Victor Acosta and Leticia Acosta 5 Caryn Moore, Angela Morris 6 Ruki Ravikumar, Don Betz 7 Pam Washington, Kevin Freeman, Nancy Busby 8 Kevin Tero, Troy Talley

Scan man

But as Rotelli readily will tell you, through chaos comes order. And his Business Imaging Systems company has been specializing in that for more than 25 years. Quite simply, BIS takes a company’s information and makes it more accessible. Much of that is accomplished by helping companies transition from paper to electronic records. Another part

Live and Let Dine

Bricktown Burgers  300 E. Main 232-4373You can smell the fried onions from a block away at this place — always a good sign, in my book. The hamburgers are simple, greasy, great. So is the atmosphere. I always get an original burger with pickles, and split a side of fries (pictured, below) with my wife.

Live and Let Dine

Picasso Cafe 3009 Paseo picassosonpaseo.com 602-2002 Picasso Cafe is always offering something different. The eclectic menu includes standbys like pizzas and salads, but also some interesting vegan options and what I consider to be the best grilled cheese in town, with an artisanal cheese selection that comes straight from Forward Foods. This restaurant captures the