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Expert Q&A: Technology

What is OCAST’s role in the state? CMC: OCAST was created in 1987 by the Legislature to diversify and grow Oklahoma’s economy through strategic investment in science and technology. Benefits of research are cascading. When researchers make discoveries and move their ideas to commercialization, they create new businesses, jobs and economic impact by competing successfully

Arm your business for storm season

John Wiscaver Vice President, Public Affairs Oklahoma Farm Bureau Mutual Insurance Company Every year during the spring storm season, Oklahoma businesses face potentially destructive hailstorms. In Oklahoma City alone, businesses have weathered damaging hailstorms four out of the last five years, including 2008, 2009, 2010 and 2012. The top five property and casualty insurers in

The pressures of planning

As spring quickly approaches, the number of events on everyone’s calendar is about to grow significantly. In addition to the upcoming wedding season, people are gearing up for professional events, such as conferences and corporate meetings. Everyone feels the pressures of planning events, but the pressure of staying on budget is all too real for

A brand-new world

With new technologies and new media, marketing has become more complex in the last few years. Traditional advertising channels are increasingly ignored. A constant stream of info is part of everyone’s daily landscape. Add tighter budgets, shaky economic outlooks and a feeling of less and less control, and many organizations are overwhelmed at the prospect

Not quite the Wild, Wild West yet

Guns and gun ownership are touchy subjects these days. The media’s talking heads debate the issues ad nauseum, while the new Congress is poised to take action on a national scale to curb gun violence. Don’t worry, though: I have no intention of opening that can of worms. Rather, the sights of this column are

Unnecessary and unaffordable

David Blatt Director Oklahoma Policy Institute Looking ahead, the state faces a large and growing gap between anticipated tax collections and the cost of providing public services. In order to navigate these difficult fiscal straits, we need to provide much greater scrutiny both to direct government spending programs and to tax preferences that benefit particular

2013: The new healthy me, version 12.5-ish

Jeffrey Kidder CEO/Co-founder and Managing Director Hanover Health Services/hers brands It all sounds good, and it’s all doable. So why doesn’t it stick over the long term? Because studies show that most New Year’s resolutions are abandoned by Feb. 15. The weight-loss products remain unused, the new exercise equipment has turned into a clothing receptacle,

Oklahoma vs. United States

STEVEN C. AGEE Dean and Professor of Economics Meinders School of Business Oklahoma City University With the United States continuing its struggle to recover economically from the Great Contraction, Oklahoma sits apart as an unusual success story. Steadily increasing labor force growth and decreasing unemployment rates in Central Oklahoma indicate a very robust economic climate.

How did we get here?

David Rothwell Physician Managing partner Salerno Health “My doctor gave me six months to live, but when I couldn’t pay the bill, he gave me six months more.” –Walter Matthau In 1900, the yearly cost of health care for an individual was $5 (or $100 in today’s money). Of course, that was prior to standardization

Oklahoma City remains strong alternative for expanding retailers

I remember being a little embarrassed when a client from the West Coast sat with me in a restaurant on 19th Street in Moore two years ago explaining to me how the value of his home had plummeted far below his mortgage balance, and his chain of stores had diminished from nearly 20 units to