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Expert Q&A: Small Business

Q: If a person is interested in starting a new business, where would be the best place to start? A: Deciding on what need the business is going to fulfill would be a great start. Many new businesses are simply jumping on the bandwagon of an existing idea. A potential business owner must differentiate their


March NEWS 6 RETAIL Running with a bigger pack Red Coyote expands with new space, hosts more community events 9 TECHNOLOGY Smooth sailing As Oklahoma City updates intersections and stoplights, those driving on corridors hit more green lights 12 RETAIL Just beKiZE Local entrepreneur leaves comfortable day job to start health-food company 13 RETAIL A

Expert Q&A: Andy Lester

What do you see as the major trends in constitutional law today? AL: The big issues today can be summed up in one word: federalism. It’s counterintuitive, because people often don’t think about the relationship between the federal government and the states as being a matter of individual rights. Yet the framers of the American

One cool Womb

“I want it to be cool,” he says. Judging by the bright, psychedelic mural on the former Mel’s Towing, 25 N.W. Ninth, painted in May by Brooklyn-based artist Maya Hayuk, it looks like The Womb is well on the way to achieving that “coolness” Coyne desires. Andy Warhol had The Factory; The Beatles painted a

Smooth serve

Orange Leaf didn’t start in Oklahoma; its roots are in San Francisco. But after Reese Travis, a member of the offensive line on the 2000 University of Oklahoma national football championship team, became a franchisee in 2009, he wanted to have it all. Backed by a group of private investors, Travis opened a store in