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On the Scene

Rock for Oklahoma at Chesapeake Arena 1 Jackson Browne 2 Ben Kweller 3 Wayne Coyne UCO Letterpress & Prototyping Lab opening 4 Gerardo Acosta Jr., Gerardo Acosta Sr., Victor Acosta and Leticia Acosta 5 Caryn Moore, Angela Morris 6 Ruki Ravikumar, Don Betz 7 Pam Washington, Kevin Freeman, Nancy Busby 8 Kevin Tero, Troy Talley

Just the Facts

University of Oklahoma Tuition rate for 2013-2014: $7,340.50 Increase in tuition from 2012-2013: none Fall 2012 enrollment: 31,097 (including Norman, Health Sciences Center, Tulsa and off-campus students) Fall 2011 enrollment: 30,753 (including Norman, Health Sciences Center, Tulsa and off-campus students) Number of undergraduate programs offered: 163 majors and 111 programs University of Central Oklahoma Tuition

On the Scene

Howard K. Berry Sr. Award at Oklahoma County Courthouse 1 Rev. John Arethaus Reed Jr., Judge Donald Deason, Meredith Wegener 2013 Urban Pioneer Awards at Oklahoma City University 2 Elizabeth Fudge, Jo Fudge, Shannon Fudge, Chip Fudge, Walker Milligan, Taylor Fudge, Bo Taylor, Curran Fudge 3 Rob Crissinger, Brian Winkeler, Tracey Zeeck, Andy Moore 4

Best Places to Work in Oklahoma 2013

To identify the best of the best, Oklahoma companies apply to the Best Companies Group (BCG) in Harrisburg, Pa., the program administrator. BCG then provides the resources for participating companies to complete a two-part survey: one for employers, the other for their employees. Employers complete a benefits and policies questionnaire, while employees take a 72-question

Expert Q&A: Technology

What is OCAST’s role in the state? CMC: OCAST was created in 1987 by the Legislature to diversify and grow Oklahoma’s economy through strategic investment in science and technology. Benefits of research are cascading. When researchers make discoveries and move their ideas to commercialization, they create new businesses, jobs and economic impact by competing successfully

Greater OKC: Cost of Living 2012

Living the good life in Oklahoma City will cost you less than other major cities in the country, according to a study by CNBC.In a yearly look at cost of living around the country, CNBC factored in things such as food and energy, and looked at cities where wages go further because cost of living

Executive Homes

Dennis E. and Susan E. Sandler paid $555,500 for a 2,558-square-foot house at 627 N.W. 14th. The residence was built in 1907. OKLAHOMA COUNTY Founder’s Tower Condominiums paid $1.675 million to Madaza LLC for residential property at 5900 Mosteller Drive, Oklahoma City, 73112. John Curtis Blankenship paid $1.275 million to Jeffrey J. McDougall for property

On the Scene

Chocolate Decadence at Hudson-Essex Loft Offices 1 Sharon Collard, Nick Collard 2 Isaac Siems, Brittney Melton okcBIZ Fittest Execs Fitness Fair at Hilton Skirvin 3 Jenny Brown 4 Joe Acosta, Rachel Greene 5 Mary Kay White, Sandra Mason Oklahoma Contemporary Arts Center Name Unveiling 6 James Pickel, Mary Ann Prior, Mayor Mick Cornett, Christian Keesee

Burn ban

State Sen. David Holt (R-30) opened the legislative session by introducing Senate Bill 327, which looks to give business owners a break when it comes to a segment of their workforce that may be dragging down the bottom line with regard to health care costs. He was surprised that smokers in Oklahoma enjoy a special


April NEWS 6 TRENDS Kitchen aid Baby boomers help local kitchen remodeling businesses see recordsetting profits 9 BIOTECHNOLOGY Lab to market Oklahoma is making great strides in bioscience, but more is necessary to strengthen the industry 12 COMPASS 13 LEGISLATION Burn ban Bill could allow businesses to snuff out smokers 15 DEVELOPMENT Record time Grant