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Gusher of knowledge

“I honestly didn’t expect our first class to be taught by the dean,” Burns says. “His love of knowledge is unlimited. It’s very rare to have a fellow with a Ph.D in economics who also ran a very successful oil company teaching you.” Steven Agee was the president of a small, independent gas company for

Oklahoma vs. United States

STEVEN C. AGEE Dean and Professor of Economics Meinders School of Business Oklahoma City University With the United States continuing its struggle to recover economically from the Great Contraction, Oklahoma sits apart as an unusual success story. Steadily increasing labor force growth and decreasing unemployment rates in Central Oklahoma indicate a very robust economic climate.

The new paradigm

In spite of anecdotal evidence and popular refrains that the world is flat, the economic reality is one of accumulating wealth, income and employment in urban centers. The Interstate 35 corridor from southern Texas through Oklahoma is among the fastest-growing population and employment centers in the nation. From San Antonio to Oklahoma City, employment and


NORTHEAST American Fidelity Assurance Company isn’t getting into the newspaper business, but it is purchasing the campus of the Oklahoma Publishing Company. The deal includes a 12-story tower, manufacturing plant, parking garage, day care center and about 150 acres near Britton Road and Broadway Extension. The company currently is housed in three buildings near N.W.

Energy ed

Steven C. Agee, dean of OCU’s Meinders School of Business “I looked around at what kind of future career opportunities there were in the metropolitan area, and realized that a major sector has to do with energy,” Creach says, who previously considered a career in international relations and had been working on a master’s degree

OCU to offer new technology degree programs

With demand for software engineers expected to grow in the coming years, the university responded to address the rapidly changing industry and help meet that anticipated demand. The university cited figures from the U.S. Department of Labor that showed software engineering is expected to be one of the fastest growing career fields through 2018 with

Reaching out

Williamson’s role extends from fundraising through student recruiting to alumni relations. While active in print, TV, radio and other forms, social media has become the school’s main media marketing platform. “It’s been really good at connecting with alumni and former students, but it’s also been really good at contacting potential students, letting them know about

Harding | Shelton offers scholarships to OKCU business students

In order to be eligible students must be a first year student seeking a Masters of Business Administration. Non-traditional students or those returning to college are eligible as long as it is their first year in the MBA program. These scholarships can be used in combination with other scholarships, but cannot amount to more than