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Crack daddy

Foundation cracks, that is. The owner of the Oklahoma Power Lift foundation-repair franchise says Oklahoma’s record drought and summertime soaring temperatures have catapulted his business to record sales. And no matter whether you live in a sprawling mansion or a one-bedroom fixer-upper, the foundation in Oklahoma literally has been crumbling away. McCown (pictured) calls the

Firm Foundation

That came as good news after the foundation reported the past three years of investment performance have resulted in the lowest returns in the organization’s history. The actual return for FY 2011 was 21.57% on its pooled investments, which was the best fiscal-year return in its 18year history. The FY 2010 return on pooled investments

Midwest lowdown

W.P. Atkinson saw the writing on the wall that the U.S. War Department likely was going to build a maintenance and supply depot. He began scooping up land north of the proposed site, and on April 8, 1941, the order was signed to set up the depot. The Midwest Air Depot opened, and on March

Gooden stuff

She’s traversed Russia and China via the Trans-Siberian Railway. She also has been jazzed about doing things to help the planet ever since she can remember. Gooden’s worldly experiences and her grassroots upbringing made her a natural choice to become Oklahoma City’s second-ever sustainability manager. “It was an incredibly attractive opportunity for me,” she says.

Critical mass

“I think it comes as a surprise to people,” says Sheri Stickley (pictured), president and CEO of the Oklahoma Bioscience Association. From clinical pharmaceutical trials to nanotechnology, she says the bioscience industry is thriving because of a willingness to collaborate, a surplus of available research space and willing capital sources. In May, United Airlines announced