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NORTHEAST American Fidelity Assurance Company isn’t getting into the newspaper business, but it is purchasing the campus of the Oklahoma Publishing Company. The deal includes a 12-story tower, manufacturing plant, parking garage, day care center and about 150 acres near Britton Road and Broadway Extension. The company currently is housed in three buildings near N.W.

Love’s to add Guthrie CNG station June 8

The project is in partnership with Chesapeake Energy Corp. to increase the number of CNG stations for consumers, the Chesapeake fleet and other corporate fleets. The Guthrie Love’s is at 2530 E. Noble Ave. On Friday, June 8, Chesapeake will bring its CNG-powered motor coach, known as Big Blue, to Guthrie to be the first

Gooden stuff

She’s traversed Russia and China via the Trans-Siberian Railway. She also has been jazzed about doing things to help the planet ever since she can remember. Gooden’s worldly experiences and her grassroots upbringing made her a natural choice to become Oklahoma City’s second-ever sustainability manager. “It was an incredibly attractive opportunity for me,” she says.