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Shake, rattle, insure

In 2011, Doak stood in front of a room full of angry and shaken Lincoln County residents and could offer little more than apologies. It was shortly after a record 5.6-magnitude earthquake rattled more than just nerves that the state’s top insurance agent was there, hat in hand, with little more than comforting words. Of

Insurance ID

He is back in Moore after May 20’s devastating tornado, but this time, technology has made it easier for insurance representatives to enter a devastated area, locate their clients and expedite the claims process, even with cellphone towers down and spotty Internet service. Technology also aided the Oklahoma Insurance Department to curb fraud in the

Homeowner headaches

In addition to tornadoes and damaging winds, Oklahoma has experienced record heat and cold, ridiculously large hail, drought, wildfires, earthquakes, ice storms and deep snow that has not only wreaked havoc on property, but also driven up home insurance costs. The state Insurance Department counted more than $870 million in catastrophic losses in 2011, and