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Big bellies

Photo by Mark Hancock “They had made recycling a priority for their organization this year,” Gooden says. “They wanted to introduce street-level recycling Downtown.” As luck would have it, so did Gooden, who also had enough money in the budget to make it happen. In July, the first of four BigBelly Solar recycling stations opened

Expert Q&A: Sustainability

Jennifer Gooden, sustainability director for the city of Oklahoma City JG: Yes, the Sustainability Office was created in 2009. I think of sustainability as a way of doing business that accounts for the impacts of our activities – positive and negative – on our community’s ability to thrive over time. It’s about increasing efficiency, reducing

Gooden stuff

She’s traversed Russia and China via the Trans-Siberian Railway. She also has been jazzed about doing things to help the planet ever since she can remember. Gooden’s worldly experiences and her grassroots upbringing made her a natural choice to become Oklahoma City’s second-ever sustainability manager. “It was an incredibly attractive opportunity for me,” she says.