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Still standing

In October, Standley, one of Oklahoma’s largest office equipment and software companies, opened its doors at 26 E. Main St. The two-story, 10,000-square-foot building was constructed in 1928. Standley was founded in 1934 as a manual typewriter and 10-key adding machine sales company. Fred Standley, the company’s founder, wanted something more than just another sales

Kirkpatrick joins DOKC Inc.

In his role at DOKC, he will serve as director of operations and will manage the BID, security and maintenance for the Underground – previously known as the Conncourse – oversee the Bricktown Canal and help launch new programs and initiatives focused on density, transportation and business development. “I’m eager to work with the Downtown

Downtown dining

Despite numerous street closures, safety cones, and rerouted and often confusing pedestrian paths, only one casualty has emerged. In late March, Trattoria il Centro closed its doors. As one of the pioneers in Downtown dining, the eatery at 500 W. Main weathered many years alone in that corner of Downtown, but with the streets around