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Day in the Life

  6 a.m.: Alarm goes off, and my wife, Julie, hits the snooze button. It’s on her side of the bed, as she always has been the official alarm keeper. 6:10 a.m.: Check work email and Facebook on iPad. I’m loving a new app called JumpDesktop that allows me to access everything on my work

Tech check

SUPERTOOTH DISCO Supertooth $149 For all the cheap and not-so-cheap iPhone/ iPad speakers I’ve tried over the years, the SuperTooth Disco has them beat handily. Via Bluetooth, the portable, skinny speaker streams your music, and it sounds glorious. While its footprint is small enough for ideal office use, this one lives in my dining room,

Tech check

Grid-It! Wrap for iPad Cocoon $19.99 iPads need and deserve lotsa love, especially when taking your baby out into the big, bad world. Grid-It! Wrap provides just that. The neoprene case’s back pocket allows your tablet to be well-cushioned while on-the-go. While that alone would be enough, one panel contains several strips of woven elastic