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Kickstarting a venture

It was one of the first companies to complete Oklahoma’s VentureSpur program and had to make a choice to either raise venture capital or find another way to fund the game. VentureSpur is an OKC-based seed fund and venture accelerator that provides startups with seed investment, a 12-week “boot camp,” mentorship from successful entrepreneurs, office

The ins and outs of advertising

Cameron Dawson Partner Staplegun Watching TV not too long ago, I saw a commercial pitching a large office supply chain that referred to a small business owner as the salesman, the receptionist, the janitor, even the copier repairman. “Jack of all trades, master of none,” right? The spot struck a chord with me, because the

Expert Q&A: Technology

What is cloud computing? BP: It sounds like a dreamed up marketing gimmick, but it is real and being used by millions of people every day. The easiest way to think about cloud computing is to consider it as an application that doesn’t sit on your computer, but resides on the Internet instead. You don’t