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Burn ban

State Sen. David Holt (R-30) opened the legislative session by introducing Senate Bill 327, which looks to give business owners a break when it comes to a segment of their workforce that may be dragging down the bottom line with regard to health care costs. He was surprised that smokers in Oklahoma enjoy a special

Corporate Wellness Award 2nd Place: American Fidelity Assurance Company

American Fidelity Assurance Company incorporates wellness into its culture in order to make happier, healthier employees. To that end, the company continues to add to and improve its premium programs. Not only can employees utilize the on-site fitness center and professionally taught classes, but they can also enjoy meals at an on-site grill featuring healthy

Expert Q&A: Legal

What laws apply to employees who post negative comments on social-media about their employer or fellow employees? CW: The primary law at issue is the National Labor Relations Act, or NLRA, which, contrary to popular belief, applies to both union and non-union workplaces in many instances. The agency that oversees enforcement of the NLRA —

Biz gets new boss

Bill Bleakley, president and CEO of Tierra Media Group, the parent company of okcBIZ and Oklahoma Gazette, made the announcement on Jan. 22. “In 2009, Jeffri-Lynn directed the conversion of our biweekly newspaper, OKC Business, to the monthly magazine we know today as okcBIZ,” Bleakley says. “Since then, she has overseen the day-today operations of

Not quite the Wild, Wild West yet

Guns and gun ownership are touchy subjects these days. The media’s talking heads debate the issues ad nauseum, while the new Congress is poised to take action on a national scale to curb gun violence. Don’t worry, though: I have no intention of opening that can of worms. Rather, the sights of this column are

Iraq and back

Retired Army Maj. Ed Pulido, an Edmond resident, says such stories are all too common: no work, little help and a huge emotional scar that never will heal. That’s why he started the Warriors for Freedom Foundation last year. The organization focuses on meeting the needs of returning soldiers and their families. “I learned very

Chesapeake offers separation package to some employees

Those receiving the option were identified for their combination of age and years of service at the company. They have 45 days to consider the offer, and if they accept, will separate from the company in February. “This program is designed to give our longer-term employees the chance to benefit from their years of service

Now hiring

“Last year was very busy for seasonal hiring,” says Jackie Morgan, recruiter for PeopleSource. “This year is a little bit less, but it’s steady. We see a need for a lot of general labor and warehouse work. Another client is needing electrical assistance. It’s not just all retail.” WHERE THE JOBS ARE The Express Employment

Chesapeake hires, honors veterans

“Veterans perform well in our industry, and share our company’s commitment to energy independence,” said Martha Burger, Chesapeake senior vice president of human and corporate resources. “We hope to honor their talent, experience and military service with rewarding careers, while easing their transition to civilian life.” The team of recruiters that leads Chesapeake’s military hiring

In demand

Dale Hageman, president of Accord Human Resources Photo by Mark Hancock Recruiting skilled and talented employees is a challenge for executives. In Oklahoma City, where the job market is stronger than the rest of the nation, 69% of executives interviewed say they are having difficulty finding qualified employees. But hiring is up throughout Oklahoma. According