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Sick? Leave!

“Once, a co-worker came in with pinkeye. Guess what? I got pinkeye, and so did my daughter, who was a toddler at the time,” the former Oklahoma City waitress says. “Another time, a co-worker came in with strep throat. My boyfriend got strep, and when I took him to the ER, the doctor told us

Expert Q&A: Construction

Is it worth it to build LEED-certified homes? VM: The short answer is “no,” but as with many short answers, there’s more to the story. Let me tell you why Ideal does not build LEED-certified homes. Our company built the nation’s first residential LEED-certified home, and we were involved with developing the LEED criteria. We

Follow the LEEDer

Those building green homes can follow guidelines or seek certification through two organizations. In Oklahoma, Guaranteed Watt Saver serves as a third party for those seeking certification that their homes are built to strict environmental standards. Andrea Palmer, national program coordinator for GWS in Oklahoma City, says the state and the metro area aren’t doing