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Feds approve extension of Oklahoma healthcare option

After rejecting two components of the Affordable Care Act, President Barack Obama’s healthcare law, at the end of 2012, Fallin has negotiated a one-year extension of Insure Oklahoma, which provides health insurance to nearly 30,000 low-income workers in the state. Despite criticism, Fallin said the state would not participate in the creation of a health

Health care company plans Oklahoma City expansion

The company plans to hire pharmacy technicians who are licensed to work in Oklahoma, customer care advocates and other positions in training and quality management. “UnitedHealth Group strives to stay ahead of changing demands in the market for health care so that we are always prepared to help people get the high-quality, affordable care they

Record time

Wood’s agency submitted its grant application to the U.S. Economic Development Administration just in time. And as luck would have it, EDA Regional Director Pedro Garza was in town and available for an afternoon walk-through of the proposed infrastructure project at University North Park. “I’ve done other EDA grants, and you had to make phone


» The majority of bioscience venture capital invested in the past six years was in medical diagnostics. » The largest share of the state’s bioscience patents during that period was in biochemistry, drugs and pharmaceuticals, and surgical and medical instruments. » The Samuel Roberts Noble Foundation in Ardmore is the largest private foundation in the

Lab to market

Funded by the newly formed Excella Biotech Business Accelerator, a startup company is learning to use vaccines to strip DNA from antibodies in order to feed that DNA into specific germs. Those germs then spit out copies of the antibodies. Whereas in the past, antibodies had to be replicated in mice, this new technology shaves

Integris acquires majority interest in women’s hospital

Lakeside Women’s Hospital entrance Photo by Mark Hancock Deborah Huff, a physician and founding partner at Lakeside, said it will be mutually beneficial for both health care providers. Lakeside was founded by a group of physicians in 1997 to provide obstetrics, gynecology, surgery, mammography, ultrasound, bone densitometry and other services for women. “We believe the

Making the grade

This month brings new funding to Medicaid programs that choose to cover preventive services for patients at little or no cost. The law also requires states to start paying primary care physicians the full Medicare rate for treating Medicaid patients. This year also will see the bundling of payments, with Medicare paying providers flat fees

2013: The new healthy me, version 12.5-ish

Jeffrey Kidder CEO/Co-founder and Managing Director Hanover Health Services/hers brands It all sounds good, and it’s all doable. So why doesn’t it stick over the long term? Because studies show that most New Year’s resolutions are abandoned by Feb. 15. The weight-loss products remain unused, the new exercise equipment has turned into a clothing receptacle,

Better delivery by design

Dr. Keley John Booth says he has the ability to help local medical providers take a quantum leap when it comes to delivering surgical care more efficiently. Booth is the founder of Surgery Logistics and chair of the Integris Health Southwest Medical Center anesthesia department. For the past 15 years, when he’s not working with