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Devon takes gold for headquarters

Larry Nichols Photo by Mark Hancock   Rhiannon Jacobsen, with the USGBC, presented a glass disk to Devon Executive Chairman Larry Nichols to commemorate the building’s inclusion on the list of gold LEED properties around the world. “LEED works through a building’s life cycle and promotes strategies that lead to high performance in human and

Live and Let Dine

with Rob Crissinger Senior Director of Accounts Bumbershoot PR Italian Express 119 W. Main 602-3181 I could eat pepperoni pizza every day of the week, and nearly did while working Downtown, thanks in large part to Italian Express. The lunch buffet is inexpensive; the food is always fresh and plentiful; and although it’s always busy,

50 win

A walk around the mall and office tower with property manager Amber Adamson shows things look to be changing. Popping in on random tenants, she is greeted warmly. She asks about specific concerns of tenants, and updates them on improvements — both large and small — in their spaces. Her interactions are met with smiles

Sustainability in our own lives

When thinking of what “sustainability” means, you have to be able to relate it to your own circumstances. Each of us is going to have our own definition, but somewhere at the core will be the understanding that we have to live within our means. This does not just mean financially, but also materialistically.  The

Live and Let Dine

Bricktown Burgers  300 E. Main 232-4373You can smell the fried onions from a block away at this place — always a good sign, in my book. The hamburgers are simple, greasy, great. So is the atmosphere. I always get an original burger with pickles, and split a side of fries (pictured, below) with my wife.

Gooden stuff

She’s traversed Russia and China via the Trans-Siberian Railway. She also has been jazzed about doing things to help the planet ever since she can remember. Gooden’s worldly experiences and her grassroots upbringing made her a natural choice to become Oklahoma City’s second-ever sustainability manager. “It was an incredibly attractive opportunity for me,” she says.

Follow the LEEDer

Those building green homes can follow guidelines or seek certification through two organizations. In Oklahoma, Guaranteed Watt Saver serves as a third party for those seeking certification that their homes are built to strict environmental standards. Andrea Palmer, national program coordinator for GWS in Oklahoma City, says the state and the metro area aren’t doing