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Greater OKC: Cost of Living 2012

Living the good life in Oklahoma City will cost you less than other major cities in the country, according to a study by CNBC.In a yearly look at cost of living around the country, CNBC factored in things such as food and energy, and looked at cities where wages go further because cost of living

Greater OKC

Ranked #9 Parents.com, 2012 BEST CITY FOR BABIES While it’s unlikely any babies will be reading this, they can rest assured that if they live in Oklahoma City, they are in good company. For 2012, Parents.com ranked OKC as the ninth best city in the nation for little bundles of joy. The ranking showed not

Greater OKC: Most Business-Friendly City

CNN Money touted Oklahoma City the No. 1 most business-friendly city, primarily recognizing its low cost of living, and booming oil and natural gas industries. OKC also received accolades for retaining an increasing proportion of college students after they graduate. A decade ago, 71% of those who earned bachelor’s degrees stayed; that number now has

Greater OKC: Best U.S. Cities For Small Business

The Business Journals ranked Oklahoma City No. 3 as the best U.S. city for small business. The top two cities were Austin, Texas, and Raleigh, N.C., respectively. The methodology includes looking at five-year population growth, five- and one-year private-sector employment growth, concentration of small businesses per 1,000 residents, one-year change in that concentration, and one-year

Greater OKC: Fittest Cities in the U.S.

OK, it’s no secret that barbecue, chicken-fried steak and anything deep-fried reigns supreme in Oklahoma, but despite the reputation for being a fat state, Men’s Fitness ranked Oklahoma City the 23rd fittest city in the nation for 2012. And c’mon, anytime we avoid a fattest list, which the city had previously topped in Men’s Fitness,

Greater OKC: 10 Great Cities for Starting a Business

Feeling entrepreneurial? Kiplinger named Oklahoma City the seventh-best city to start a business. In its evaluation, Kiplinger said Oklahoma City had two advantages over business owners elsewhere in its low, Midwestern start-up costs and strong government support for businesses. It cited the city-funded initiative in 1996 to fund a 27-acre research park for life-science start-ups

Greater OKC: Best Cities for College Students

Where you live during college can be just as important as your major for quality of life, and the potential to get a job there after graduation. In its look at 227 U.S. metropolitan areas with 15,000 or more people, the AIER narrowed the list to the top 75 places to live for college students.

Greater OKC: City with the Best Job Market

When Time Moneyland looked for the city with the best job market, it turned to the polling service Gallup and its Job Creation Index. In the first three months of the year, the United States had added more than 220,000 jobs. The goal was to find out exactly where those new jobs were being created

Greater OKC: Cost of Doing Business 2012

When factoring the best states for the cost of doing business, CNBC looked at a series of factors – from quality of life to access to capital. In the end, Oklahoma ranked fourth. Overall, the state ranked 23rd nationwide in a study of 10 areas like workforce and quality of life. For cost of living,