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MAPS quest

For an ambitious city anxious to shake off the lingering doldrums of the 1980s oil bust, losing a big business opportunity and Downtown’s lackluster image essentially struck at city leaders’ cores. They were told that OKC failed most in one key decision-making factor for outof-state corporations looking here: The quality of life available for its

Leafy green

Oklahoma City continues purchases of fuel efficient vehicles “The driver can plug the cars into the charging station at night and between trips and they are ready to roll throughout the work day,” says General Services Director Paula Falkenstein of the city’s station. “The best part is we expect our electric bill to increase only

OKC Council approves streetcar route

The approved framework calls for the $128.8 million, 4.5-mile streetcar route to connect the Downtown Transit Center, Automobile Alley, the future intermodal transit hub at Santa Fe Station, the future MAPS 3 Convention Center, Bricktown and Midtown and run one block from the future MAPS 3 Downtown Public Park. It was forwarded to the city

Sequester squeeze

In the land of the free and home of the brave, the president and CEO of the Oklahoma Center for Nonprofits was able to board an airplane without delay while a mother somewhere was looking for a way to feed her child. Both scenarios can be traced back to a series of arbitrary federal sequestration

Council cash

Today, however, council members are paid $1,000 a month while the mayor receives $2,000 for his role as the city’s top political leader. But, as White points out, few people seek election to the council because of its financial rewards or other perks the council receives. “You have to take the money out of it,”

City plans to address vacant properties

Planning Director Russell Claus said the city spends about $6.5 million annually in calls to the police and fire departments that those abandoned properties generate. “Vacant and abandoned homes cause a variety of problems for both residents and the city,” he said. “These neglected buildings strain the city’s resources, lower property values, hamper community reinvestment

OKC water takes top honors

Oklahoma City was eligible after the Oklahoma City Water Quality Division won the AWWA Southwest Section tasting competition in October 2012. The city then earned a berth in the North American event. “We are extremely proud of this accomplishment,” Utilities Director Marsha Slaughter said. “People don’t realize how good Oklahoma City’s drinking water is until

Cornett forms storm readiness task force

“We want to look at the issue from every possible angle to make sure we are doing what is right and appropriate to safeguard our community and our schools from extreme weather events,” he said. “Our top (city) council priority is to provide a safe and secure community.” Members were chosen to ensure a diverse

Oklahoma County Assessor’s Office tallies Edmond damage

The damage in Oklahoma County is estimated at $754,639. Nine properties suffered between 25% and 50% damage in Edmond. Those properties were between E. 15th and E. 33rd streets and Coltrane Road and Bryant Avenue. Based on the damage, the assessor’s office plans to lower the assessment value and reduce property taxes to reflect the