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Expert Q&A: Taxes

In the state of Oklahoma, who is responsible for withholding the employees’ portion of FICA/FUTA and federal income taxes? DC: In Oklahoma, not only does the employer have a duty to withhold, but it also has an equal responsibility to remit to the IRS an employee’s portion of FICA/FUTA that was withheld for the employee

Economic Update

THE GOODThe domestic economy appears to be gaining momentum in the first quarter of 2012. This is a continuation of progress that was made in what appeared to be a rather lackluster 2011, until you break it down quarter by quarter. In retrospect, real GDP grew in the first half of 2011 by about 1%.

Home sweet home?

While the Oklahoma City metro area did not suffer devastating numbers of foreclosures when the nation’s housing bubble burst, it has, nevertheless, experienced its fair share. Real estate website RealtyTrac reported that statewide in March, one in every 973 housing units in Oklahoma received a foreclosure filing. For the month, there were 244 foreclosure properties