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Orchestrating the chamber

They’re providing owners of small- and medium-sized companies with training and education they otherwise couldn’t afford. In some cases, chamber officials host leadership seminars for the next generation of community and civic activists. In addition, chamber executives lobby lawmakers at city, state and federal levels so pro-business reforms can be implemented. Roy Williams, president and

Expert Q&A: Andy Lester

What do you see as the major trends in constitutional law today? AL: The big issues today can be summed up in one word: federalism. It’s counterintuitive, because people often don’t think about the relationship between the federal government and the states as being a matter of individual rights. Yet the framers of the American

U.S. Commerce Department invests $1 million in Midwest City business

The project has the potential to create 700 jobs and generate $300 million in private investment, according to grantee estimates. “The Obama Administration is committed to making investments in our infrastructure that will create jobs, promote American innovation, and increase our nation’s economic competitiveness,” said Secretary of Commerce John Bryson. “This federal grant to Midwest