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Radio star

Like his grandmother, during the past quarter century, Fudge has developed his own hunger for saving items of historical significance, including restoring historic homes and buildings, an interest he shares with his wife, Shannon. Their shared passion led them to renovate Kamp’s Grocery; the Cameron Building; and homes in Oklahoma City’s older neighborhoods, such as

DDRC approves Stage Center demolition

With millions of dollars in estimated deferred maintenance and no party with the resources to save it, Rainey Williams, president of Kestrel Investments, purchased Stage Center, located at 400 W. Sheridan Ave., from the Oklahoma City Community Foundation in 2013 for $4.275 million. The sale was after a request for proposal by the foundation to save

Match point

City officials have partnered with OKC Public Tennis LLC in a quest to create a year-round tennis program complete with indoor courts and five additional youth courts. The agreement was approved at the Oct. 22 Oklahoma City Council meeting. At the same meeting, ADG/PDG was selected as the project architect. “This is a very popular

Still standing

In October, Standley, one of Oklahoma’s largest office equipment and software companies, opened its doors at 26 E. Main St. The two-story, 10,000-square-foot building was constructed in 1928. Standley was founded in 1934 as a manual typewriter and 10-key adding machine sales company. Fred Standley, the company’s founder, wanted something more than just another sales

TEEMCO breaks ground for Gold Dome renovations

In June, the Edmond-based company announced plans to purchase the building from David Box, who had purchased it at a foreclosure auction in 2012 for $800,000. At that time, TEEMCO officials said they planned to move about 65 employees to the dome. At a groundbreaking Oct. 30, the company confirmed that number and said they

Suite spot

“It’s not in Downtown, but it can certainly service the Downtown area,” he says. “The health sciences center is an area that has been tremendously underserved by hotels.” The Embassy Suites was proposed first in 2008 by the Midtown Renaissance Group, which includes Bob Howard, Mickey Clagg and Chris Fleming. Presented to and approved by

Plaza palates

Driving down N.W. 16th Street through the Plaza District in September, it wasn’t uncommon to see long lines stretching almost a block in length as folks clamored to get a slice of pizza from the area’s hottest new eatery, Empire Slice House, 1734 N.W. 16th. With its welcoming pink elephant out front and teenager’s bedroom

Church champion

This would be his new office. However, the euphoric feeling Davis experienced that first day soon was replaced by the reality of renovating a historic building designed and constructed sometime in the early 20th century by African-American architect and church member Russell Benton Bingham. Some records indicate the church was built in 1922 and 1923,