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Getting even

According to the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, for the first time ever, retaliation claims have surpassed race, gender and all other types of discrimination charges as the most commonly filed with the EEOC. In other words, employers statistically are more likely to be charged with retaliating against workers than for mistreating them. Janis Perrault,

Taking a swipe

“Dirty” – smaller, community banks say – because the big banks were getting away with highway robbery, skimming upward of 44 cents every time a debit card was swiped. Over the summer, the Federal Reserve ordered banks to cut the rate they charge merchants for debit-card transactions roughly in half to 21 cents. The Fed

Generation crunch

The economic downturn has kept baby boomers and those from the Silent Generation in the job market longer. Retirement for many has been postponed indefinitely. “It’s by necessity,” says Melanie Stillinger (pictured), vice president of HLP Solutions. “We see people working even after they’ve earned retirement. They’ve retired from one job and have started a

Gifts Galore

It was an order that came while the two entrepreneurs were peddling their wares at the Edmond farmers’ market. Now, 18-wheelers deliver product to an off-site warehouse the duo rents each winter to fill the thousands of orders that pour into Gourmet Gallery, an Edmond-based gourmet and specialty food store. And if you ask the

Bringing cheer

As president and CEO of the Oklahoma Center for Nonprofits, Marnie Taylor (pictured) says record-breaking summer temperatures, a sluggish economy and Oklahoma City Public Schools resuming classes almost a month earlier than before is expected to put an even greater strain on many metro families this holiday season. Seeing the need approaching, Taylor’s organization will

‘Out of the box’

Susan McCalmont wants to make sure all three overlap in our state, and she’s looking for the Oklahoma Creativity Forum to help do it. The president of Creative Oklahoma is gearing up for her organization to host its first Oklahoma Creativity Forum on Nov. 1 at the Embassy Suites in Norman. “We hope that it

Gooden stuff

She’s traversed Russia and China via the Trans-Siberian Railway. She also has been jazzed about doing things to help the planet ever since she can remember. Gooden’s worldly experiences and her grassroots upbringing made her a natural choice to become Oklahoma City’s second-ever sustainability manager. “It was an incredibly attractive opportunity for me,” she says.

Tails from the road

These days, you can find her driving around Oklahoma City in a green and white Sprinter van running the Happy Tails Mobile Veterinary Clinic, complete with a surgery table, anesthesia, cages, refrigerator and a diagnostics lab to run fluid samples. Acton has “being doing the mobile thing” for two-and-a-half years now, and is a living