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Frankly speaking

Photo by Shannon Cornman Still mostly just dusty, dilapidated buildings, Bricktown was a far cry from what has become Oklahoma City’s entertainment crown jewel. Sixteen years later, Pearl’s Crabtown is a staple in the district, and Nelson is the man in charge of the organization that ensures everyone stays happy. In February, Nelson was announced

Shift happens

Illustration by Brad Gregg But along the way, a lot of questions and fears arose. Looking back, Carmichael says it was communication that got everybody through it and made Variety Care Family Health what it is today. “I learned a long time ago that adults do better with information. They almost can’t get past change

No delays in sight

Ryan Russo, manager for Pro-Fab’s aerospace program Photo by Mark Hancock Ryan Russo, manager for Pro-Fab’s aerospace program for the past six years, says its client list may be smaller than some companies, but sales run into the millions. “A shop of our size isn’t a Tier 1 supplier to all the big Tier 1

Destination: relevance

She missed 9/11 and the Internet travel boom, but when she returned to the field in 2010, the landscape looked different. “Huge changes,” Bradford says. For instance, more than half the travel agencies in business in the late 1990s are now shuttered. That Internet sites like Orbitz, Travelocity and Expedia now not only let people

Seamans says

Ask Norman architect Andrew Seamans where he expects to take his D5 Architecture Company in the next decade, and he reaches for a 200-page notebook that sits next to his desk. “Ten years, you said?” Seamans says, flipping through the book he completed with the help of a business coach. A Michigan native, he’s always

Corporate unwellness

Thirty years later, two-thirds of the U.S. population is overweight, and companies are realizing that employees with unhealthy habits may need to compensate for the strain they place on a company’s health plan. Among employers who offer financial incentives, employee participation rates are 46%, compared with 19% for those that do not offer incentives. And

Game on!

But for Dylan Waddle and Chris Tytanic, it was a sure thing. “The beauty of this is it’s an Oklahoma-based company,” says Tytanic, m3t Total Casino Management general counsel. “It’s a really positive story.” Now the two men are an integral part of a growing Oklahoma company that relies on technology that got its start

We heart you

At the outskirts of the city, north and south along interstates 235 and 35, as well as east and west along both I-44 and I-240, stand large recently built or under-construction medical facilities. And the reasons for them are depressing. According to the Oklahoma Health Improvement Plan, the state leads the nation in deaths due

Crack daddy

Foundation cracks, that is. The owner of the Oklahoma Power Lift foundation-repair franchise says Oklahoma’s record drought and summertime soaring temperatures have catapulted his business to record sales. And no matter whether you live in a sprawling mansion or a one-bedroom fixer-upper, the foundation in Oklahoma literally has been crumbling away. McCown (pictured) calls the