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Scan man

But as Rotelli readily will tell you, through chaos comes order. And his Business Imaging Systems company has been specializing in that for more than 25 years. Quite simply, BIS takes a company’s information and makes it more accessible. Much of that is accomplished by helping companies transition from paper to electronic records. Another part

Keith plans expansion of country music-themed bar chain

The flagship Toby Keith’s I Love This Bar and Grill – named for a 2003 song where Keith celebrates a bar that is his “kind of place” – opened in Oklahoma City in 2005 along with one in Las Vegas. The song centers on a raucous watering hole with good times guaranteed for all. Each

Encompass Home Health

U.S. Corporate Headquarters: Dallas Website: ehhi.com Year Founded: 1998 CEO: April Anthony Status: Private Full-Time Employees in State: 355 Part-Time Employees in State: 153 Talk about living up to your name! In its 14 years of business, has grown to embody a standard of well-being that includes both clients and employees. Its stated mission is

No income tax cut, please

A year ago, I had the pleasure of visiting the country of Montenegro, a beautiful Balkan nation recovering from years of regional conflict. As I showed my passport to the officer at the Podgorica airport’s passport control office, he asked me a question that highlighted just how much the world’s perception of my hometown has

Best Travel Agency

Who wouldn’t like to spend time visiting with a travel agent? Imagine the conversation: discussing all the possibilities of a much-needed vacation; taking advantage of their expertise to find the best deals; not having to spend hours upon hours blindly planning a dream vacation with absolutely no idea of where to go, where to stay,