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Best CPA & Accounting Firm

Several industries and organizations in Oklahoma have come to depend on the services of Cole+Reed PC over the past 60 years because it is committed to “adding more.” Since its inception in the early 1950s, the company has grown in every way imaginable. After a modest start, it is now made up of 10 partners

Expert Q&A: Taxes

In the state of Oklahoma, who is responsible for withholding the employees’ portion of FICA/FUTA and federal income taxes? DC: In Oklahoma, not only does the employer have a duty to withhold, but it also has an equal responsibility to remit to the IRS an employee’s portion of FICA/FUTA that was withheld for the employee

Most state CPAs stay financially optimistic for 2012

According to the 2012 Oklahoma Economic Outlook Poll[1], which surveyed members of the Oklahoma Society of CPAs, 54.7 percent said Oklahoma’s economy will improve in 2012. While 35.7 percent said the state’s economy would remain unchanged, only 8 percent indicated they believed it would be worse. Respondents also expressed a confident view in their own