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Kirkpatrick joins DOKC Inc.

In his role at DOKC, he will serve as director of operations and will manage the BID, security and maintenance for the Underground – previously known as the Conncourse – oversee the Bricktown Canal and help launch new programs and initiatives focused on density, transportation and business development. “I’m eager to work with the Downtown

City, state leaders dedicate SkyDance Bridge

The pedestrian bridge spans the realigned Interstate 40. For the time being it is a bridge from nowhere to nowhere, but city officials hope that will change as the surrounding Core to Shore area is developed in the coming years. From a timeworn neighborhood on the south, a gentle landscaped slope leads to the bridge

Convention center subcommittee wants $30 million to remain intact

Mike Mize, with ADG, discussed a MAPS 3 implementation plan for all eight projects, which voters approved at a cost of $777 million in late 2009. It showed the roughly 400,000-square-foot convention center, land acquisition, site preparation and other factors to bring the price tag to just over $252 million. The $30 million in question

Site chosen for proposed MAPS 3 convention center

After months of meetings, the MAPS 3 convention center subcommittee has chosen a location for the proposed building. The group accepted the recommendation of its consultant, Populous Inc., to place the center just west of the Oklahoma City Arena, where several former car lot sites now stand. But with that acceptance came concerns from subcommittee

Salvation Army announces plans for Center of Hope

Chesapeake Energy Corp. dropped $5 million in the Salvation Army’s kettle May 9 to help fund a new 26-acre campus near NW 10 and N Pennsylvania Avenue. The move was necessitated by the city’s Core to Shore plan that calls for a 40-acre city park that would include the site of the SA’s current square