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Expert Q&A: Small Business

Q: If a person is interested in starting a new business, where would be the best place to start? A: Deciding on what need the business is going to fulfill would be a great start. Many new businesses are simply jumping on the bandwagon of an existing idea. A potential business owner must differentiate their

Athletic retailer dips toe in Oklahoma City market

The athletic clothing and accessories company, founded and based in Canada, typically opens what it refers to as showrooms in markets before establishing an actual lululemon athletica store. That is just what the company has done with a showroom on Automobile Alley at 714 N. Broadway. Teri Lynn, southeast regional manager for lululemon, said the

Textile recycling company expands in the metro

The group partners with nonprofits and handles the logistics of collecting, sorting and selling clothing, bedding, books, furnishings and other household items. “The average family member disposes of 70 pounds of unwanted clothing a year,” said David Peganyee, CEO of ATRS. “And surprisingly, only 15 percent of this textile waste is kept out of landfills.