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Uptown 23rd merchants unveil signage

Designed by Vincent St. John, the signs have been a yearlong volunteer effort by the Uptown 23rd Merchant’s Association to create branding and name recognition on the street. “It is to accomplish a sense of community for everybody who has put their time and effort into it, and to build momentum for the area, for

Rise to shine

“Our intention is to start demolition work soon,” says Russell, president of Land Run Commercial Real Estate. “We will be under construction within 30 to 45 days, as the previous owner is moving out.” Earlier this year, Russell purchased two buildings behind the hotel/motel building: an empty nightclub at 2415 N. Walker and a former

Day in the Life: Chris Lower

8:05 a.m.: Start a French press coffee with Peet’s French Roast (my favorite coffee). Share with my wife, LaVeryl. 8:14 a.m.: Breakfast today is a glass (each) of Bolthouse chai protein drink, carrot juice and Green Goodness. 8:22 a.m.: Shower and get dressed. 8:52 a.m.: Leave house for first meeting of the day: our weekly