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Radio star

Like his grandmother, during the past quarter century, Fudge has developed his own hunger for saving items of historical significance, including restoring historic homes and buildings, an interest he shares with his wife, Shannon. Their shared passion led them to renovate Kamp’s Grocery; the Cameron Building; and homes in Oklahoma City’s older neighborhoods, such as

Back to the future

The Paramount building, 701 W. Sheridan, was designed for screening and distribution of Paramount Pictures movies and promotional materials for theater operators around the state when film reels arrived by rail. From roughly the 1930s until the 1960s, every major movie studio had a film exchange building on Film Row. As air travel became commonplace,

Wheel estate

Anthony McDermid Photo by Shannon Cornman OWNER: Anthony McDermid, principal, TAP ArchitectureCAR: 1960 Cadillac CoupeCOLOR: Persian sand Don’t even think of calling McDermid’s Cadillac “pink.”“It is not pink,” he warns in his British baritone voice.And indeed it’s not pink, but rather Persian sand, a proprietary color for that model, with its 20-foot long body and