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River revamp

The river was carved out by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers in the 1950s. It was virtually dry for years, until the first MAPS initiative in the early 1990s paid for dams and locks to fill it with water. In 2005, the $3.5 million Chesapeake Boathouse opened. It was followed by a boathouse sponsored

Rollin’ on the river

Rowing and other sports and activities in Oklahoma City’s Boathouse District aren’t all about attracting visitors and boosting the city’s image, although those issues are important, says Elizabeth Laurent, senior director of marketing at the OKC Boathouse Foundation. The district also is making a huge economic difference to a city quickly becoming famous worldwide for

Whatever happened to that?!?

Some projects took off and did well, while others never came to fruition. Some just fell off the radar. OKCBiz takes a look at some of these commercial projects to see whether these deals are moving forward or dead in the water. Simply put, “Whatever happened to that?!?” Twelve Twelve Building 1212 N. Walker Ave.