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Crafty Brews

“Oklahomans are proud people,” Lack says. “They’re proud of their state and proud of their local brands, so they support those brands.” The craft-beer industry is growing in Oklahoma, but relative to neighboring states like Colorado, it is still in its infancy. Colorado boasts more than 100 craft breweries in the state, giving it the

Downtown drinks

As more residences and businesses have been added to the fabric of Downtown, retail options slowly are coming online to meet that growing community – from restaurants and bars to service options such as dry cleaning and liquor stores. Lack took a chance that paid off in his nearly 3,000-square-foot space at 824 N. Broadway.

Local brewer joins Made In Oklahoma Coalition

Oklahoma City’s Huebert Brewing Company and National Steak and Poultry, based in Owasso, recently joined MIO. “Adding new companies to the coalition is always exciting,” said Jerry Dyer, president of the MIO coalition. “We are proud to have two new partnerships with these businesses that have such strong Oklahoma pride.” MIO promotes Oklahoma made products around the

Heady alliance

That was until smaller, local craft breweries such as Choc Beer Company and Huebert Brewing Company began brewing their own special brand of beer. For the most part, however, craft brew was largely unavailable. That trend is changing. When Matt Anthony’s wife gave him a Mr. Beer kit for Christmas in 2000, he probably didn’t

Grandad’s bar moving in to home on 23rd Street

Within the next month, Greg Seal plans to open Grandad’s in a 3,100-square-foot space at 317 N.W. 23rd. The décor includes antique furniture, corrugated metal walls from Parrish’s milk barn, and walls lined with photos and mementos of grandfathers now gone. Regular customers will be encouraged to contribute photos of their own granddads. “I want

No slowing this Mustang down

The tour will make its way to Oklahoma City on Saturday at Wormy Dog Saloon, 311 E. Sheridan, and is an extension of the owners’ charity organization, Mustang Music. Tim and Carmen Schoelen, founders and owners of the brewery, formed the charity shortly after opening their company. It supports local musicians by donating 10 percent