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Junior’s samples

Nonetheless, on September 10, 1973, the day Junior’s restaurant officially opened, Marvin Gaye’s “Let’s Get It On” was number one. Gaye may not have been a social critic, but he understood that even in the midst of social upheaval, people enjoy food, booze and carnal cavorting. Ironically enough, the Croce song may have better predicted

View master

Two dedicated elevators in the lobby whisk diners up to Vast. On the 49th floor, 726.2 feet above street level, visitors enter a lobby, then take a right into the bar. Dining areas open on both sides of the bar, with views to the south, southeast and southwest. No matter where you sit, you have

Grandad’s bar moving in to home on 23rd Street

Within the next month, Greg Seal plans to open Grandad’s in a 3,100-square-foot space at 317 N.W. 23rd. The décor includes antique furniture, corrugated metal walls from Parrish’s milk barn, and walls lined with photos and mementos of grandfathers now gone. Regular customers will be encouraged to contribute photos of their own granddads. “I want