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Health Care - 12.21.2011

Health options

A compilation of area hospitals, including services, offerings and updates.

Health Care - 01.03.2012

OMRF receives $2.1 million grant to study deadly blood poisoning

OMRF receives $2.1 million grant to study deadly blood poisoning

Sepsis is a deadly blood poisoning that can strike quickly and kill mercilessly. It claims more than 100,000 American lives each year, and it’s a problem scientists at the Oklahoma Medical Research Foundation have been studying for decades. Read more
Health Care - 01.23.2012

Getting bigger

Health care expands to meet greater need

In her role as vice president of rural services for Mercy Health System of Oklahoma, it’s Cindy Carmichael’s job to expand the system’s presence across the state. Read more
Health Care - 01.23.2012

Corporate unwellness

Companies consider surcharging unhealthy employees

The corporate-wellness culture traces its roots back to the 1980s, when the prevailing wisdom championed a correlation between a healthy lifestyle and a healthier, happier employee. Read more
Best of Business - 02.24.2012

Best Health Care Company

Integris Health
3366 Northwest Expressway

Number of employees: more than 9,000

Year founded: 1995

In a word: trustworthy
Read more
Health Care - 03.01.2012

Defense Department awards $2.4 million to hearing loss project

An Oklahoma biotechnology company received a $2.4 million grant from the Department of Defense to test an experimental drug that would prevent hearing loss. Read more
Health Care - 04.12.2012

Alzheimer's study aims to prolong independence

A former prison chaplain who advocates now for Alzheimer's patients worries that one day he will unable to keep up daily tasks and become a burden on his family. Read more
Opinion - 05.30.2012

No income tax cut, please

Mickey A. Hepner Dean, College of Business Administration University of Central Oklahoma

It was an eyeopening experience for me. Traveling internationally, seeing new places, meeting people and learning about new cultures is always transformational in some way.

But this trip was even more so because it changed not only my perception of the world, but also my perception of how the world sees us.

Read more
 - 05.30.2012

Forward thinking

Metro health care providers think outside — and inside — the box

In health care, there’s a procedure for almost everything, and a manual for everything else. Read more
Health Care - 06.20.2012

Proton therapy technology headed to OU

A new proton therapy system for cancer patients will be available at the University of Oklahoma Health Sciences beginning early next year. Read more