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Commentary - 11.22.2011

Creativity is the new currency

Shane Kempton, Director of Consulting Phase 2 Interactive Read more

December New & Expanding Biz

News and notes on growing business in the Oklahoma City-area.

Oklahoma County Read more
Compass - 11.22.2011

December Compass

News and notes on OKC-area businesses.

Health Care - 11.22.2011

We heart you

The hospital race is hot in the metro, for reasons that are anything but.

Used to be, when you drove into a town, you’d find a sign from the local chamber of commerce welcoming you. These days, the first thing a visitor to Oklahoma City is bound to see is a hospital. Read more
Construction - 11.22.2011

Crack daddy

Foundation companies experience record year.

Twenty-eight years in the industry, and Randall McCown knows there’s a new one born every minute. Read more
Q & A - 11.22.2011

Expert Q&A: Architecture

“Technology has absolutely changed the way we practice architecture.”

Bruce Bockus
President Bockus Payne Associates Architects

Read more
Economy - 11.22.2011

Economic engines

Elected officials, business leaders gather in Norman for economic development summit

For those interested in economic development, creating jobs and boosting the state’s economy, there was no better place to be Oct. 3-4 than in Norman for the Economic Development Summit, presented by the Oklahoma Professional Economic Development Council. Read more
Retail - 11.22.2011

Healthy competition

As national healthy and natural food grocers enter the market, Akin’s Natural Foods sticks to core values to keep its customers

Where there once were few natural and organic grocers in Oklahoma City, now there are a few more. In recent months, Sunflower Farmers Market and Whole Foods Market have opened to record crowds. Read more
Innovation - 11.22.2011

Consumer diffidence

For the third year in a row, OKCBiz looks back at new products that shouldn’t be on anyone’s wish list.

When a magazine is as awesome as OKCBiz, everyone wants some ink! Our email boxes get flooded with press releases touting “cutting-edge” and “revolutionary” products that … well, don’t strike us as such. These are the ones we found most dubious in 2011. Read more