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News Article - 04.22.2009

Idle energy industry awaits pumped-up prices

Times are tough in the oil and gas business these days, but the scenario is nothing new. Oil, natural gas and all other commodities are traditionally at the forefront of seesawing supply-and-demand cycles. An abnormally warm winter and a deep recession have teamed to abbreviate demand for petroleum products. Oil and gas supplies glut the market and, earlier this year, prices plummeted to record lows. There was joy in the oil patch just last year, when West Texas intermediate crude topped $100 a barrel. Today, the same crude is averaging around $50, and the U.S. Energy Information Administration forecasts the price might struggle toward $60 sometime this year. Read more
News Article - 01.16.2009

OKC\'s SandRidge reports financial, operational updates; offers private stock

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Oklahoma City\'s SandRidge Energy reported its financial and operational updates along with two private stock opportunities. It also said it expects to raise its 2009 capital expenditure budget from $500 million to $700 million. Read more
News Article - 05.08.2009

OKC\'s SandRidge Energy reports 2009 first-quarter operational, financial results

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Oklahoma City\'s SandRidge Energy, Inc. announced May 7 operational and financial results for the quarter ended March 31. Read more
News Article - 03.23.2010

SandRidge unveils plans for the energy company\'s properties

The Kerr-McGee campus is being refigured, redesigned and dubbed SandRidge Commons for SandRidge Energy Corp. Read more
News Article - 05.12.2009

OG&E: More than 1,000 customers sign up for wind power program

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OG&E said May 11 more than 1,000 OG&E residential and business customers now are taking part in OG&E\'s newest wind power offering. Read more
News Article - 02.27.2009

OKC\'s SandRidge Energy reports 2008, fourth-quarter results

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Oklahoma City\'s SandRidge Energy announced its financial and operational for 2008 and 2008\'s fourth quarter. Read more
News Article - 11.06.2010

SandRidge Energy announces positive financial results for third quarter

In the nine months ending Sept. 30, 2010, net income was available to common stockholders of $361.1 million, or $1.24 per share fully diluted. Read more
News Article - 07.27.2010

Board denies Preservation Oklahoma\'s appeal against SandRidge

The board denied Preservation Oklahoma\'s appeal 3-1, allowing for SandRidge to move forward with its plans to tear down 300 N Robinson Ave. and 107 Robert S. Kerr Ave. Read more
News Article - 06.18.2010

SandRidge Energy gets approval to demo three Downtown buildings; company attorney questions future of SandRidge\'s current location

Board members agreed to uphold the DDRC\'s decision to demolish 120 Robert S. Kerr, as well as 135 Robert S. Kerr and 125 Robert S. Kerr. Read more
News Article - 03.13.2009

Two Oklahoma City men drop off Forbes billionaire list

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Forbes Magazine listed four Oklahomans to its World Billionaire list which was posted to its site today. Read more