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Human Resources - 01.11.2012

Oklahoma Quality Foundation announces speaker Allyson Young

K&N Management's HR director will give her address “Building a Guest Delight Culture” in Oklahoma City on Jan. 18.

The Oklahoma Quality Foundation’s Sharing of Best Practices Series, which features CEOs and senior leaders from various companies who are recipients of the coveted Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award, is pleased to announce Ms. Allyson Young as the keynote speaker on Wednesday, January 18, 2012. Read more
Energy - 02.23.2012

Dining at Devon

The oil and gas company is serving up a pot full of options

Devon Energy Corp. plans to open a full-service restaurant and banquet space in the top two floors of its 50-story office tower, in addition to a food court in its adjoining garden wing. Read more
Retail - 02.24.2012

Culinary careers

Local chefs leave traditional restaurant lifestyle to create gourmet fare for businesses, educational institutions

Dining at work or school doesn’t have to be a drag. While many lunchrooms and cafeterias might offer nothing more than a vending machine or a greasy cheeseburger, a few institutions take pride in their culinary offerings by hiring chefs to bring delectable delights to the workplace. Read more
Retail - 04.17.2012

Chuy's headed to Norman

For any Star Wars fans excited about the opening of Chuy’s, an Austin, Texas-based Tex-Mex chain headed to Norman, thinking it is an homage to the furry Chewbacca, unfortunately, it has nothing to do with the storied Wookiee from the movie franchise. Read more
Retail - 04.18.2012

Hogan plans building for Lower Bricktown

For the record, Randy Hogan has no tenants lined up for a proposed building in Lower Bricktown. But, for the man who helped define that area south of Reno Avenue, he is not denying that he knows who Oklahoma City Thunder player Kevin Durant is, and that the celebrated basketball player has been talking about a restaurant venture he will be a part of in Hogan’s building. Read more
News Article - 08.08.2012

Grandad's bar moving in to home on 23rd Street

Kenneth Seal and Harvey Parrish may be gone, but their grandson is opening a bar that would make the two proud. Read more
News Article - 10.31.2012

KD's to open in Lower Bricktown

The Hal Smith Restaurant Group and Oklahoma City Thunder player Kevin Durant plan to open a restaurant in Lower Bricktown next year. The restaurant, KD’s, will feature southern cuisine, and each item must be to Durant’s liking to make it on the menu. Read more
Architecture - 11.26.2012

View master

Vast offers the best views of Oklahoma City, at the top of Devon tower

Sitting in Vast, on the 49th floor of Devon tower, it is difficult to look at anything other than the view. But those who can steal a glance from the floor-to-ceiling windows, even briefly, will notice the restaurant’s subtle design details and custom furniture meant to make it a truly unique space. Read more
Dining - 11.27.2013

Junior’s samples

As Junior’s turns 40, a look around the restaurant and bar is a peek into the early 1970s

Billboard’s No. 1 song at the end of 1973 was “Time in a Bottle,” Jim Croce’s meditation on the vicissitudes of time. No other year in that decade better captured the turmoil and uncertainty of America — the Vietnam War had ended, President Richard Nixon visited China and began the process that would lead to economic relations and the year closed with Watergate all over the news. Read more